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Where's Mother?

Kila Springs

Where's Mother?

A Novel in Three Voices
Christine Leigh-Taylor

Margaret Drake is one capable woman. She’s happily married to engineer Tom, teaches college English and is raising three bright, good-looking, self-possessed kids.
Then the idyll is shattered, Tom decides to try the single life and teenage daughter Laura is instantly plunged into management of the household while Margaret reenters the social scene. The situation turns murkier when Margaret moves with her children to Nashville in a foolhardy attempt to maintain a relationship with a young drifter who fancies himself a budding country music star.

The time is 1985. There are no cell phones, no laptops, and no social media. What happens unfolds first from Laura’s viewpoint, then from Tom’s, and finally from Margaret’s. Where’s Mother? is simultaneously a coming-of-age story and a cautionary tale of mid-life delusions. Transformation is the thread that unites the reflections of each story-teller.

Back Cover

ISBN: 0971648173
Paperback, 228 pages
Publication date: September 22, 2012
List Price: $12.95
Tax & Shipping: $5.05

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