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Family Fun: Stories
David Ollier Weber

"...Disturbing and frightening.... A kind of raw, physical prose that I found quite
                                            Daniel Menaker,
The New Yorker
Baja: A Novel
David Ollier Weber

"...An unrelenting escalation of fear and violence.... What willingness to risk death does
a man owe a woman to whom he has no formal commitment...?"
                                            Philip Libros,
Vanity (Fiction)
David Ollier Weber

"...An honest account of how us boys in this odd land where no one ever quite grows
up look at reflective glass and wonder, 'Is that me? Did anybody else survive the wreck?'"
                                            Bruce Anderson,
Anderson Valley Advertiser
Accustomed to Hope: The Episcopal Church on the Mendocino Coast
St.Michael and All Angels, Fort Bragg, California, 1902-2002
David Ollier Weber
ISBN: 0971648115
Paperback, 183 pages, illustrated
Publication date: December 13, 2002
List Price: $25.00

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"...Better than a charming introduction to the beginnings and subsequent vicissitudes of
Anglican life on the Pacific Coast..., the author manages to write touching social history
of the area...."
                                            Caroline T. Marshall,  James Madison University
ISBN: 0971648131
Paperback, 248 pages
Publication date: April 24, 2006
List Price: $13.95
ISBN: 0971648123
Paperback, 282 pages
Publication date: February 1, 2006
List Price: $13.95
Back cover                                                                                      
ISBN: 0971648107
Paperback, 129 pages
Publication date: April 3, 2002
List Price: $12.95
Oakland: Hub of the West
David Weber  
photography by Peter Menzel

"Exceptionally well done: extensive, detailed historical essays with a striking selection of
historical photographs...."
                                               Wikipedia, "Books about Oakland, California"
Catch/Release: A Novel
David Ollier Weber

There are hitchhikers and then there are hitchhikers. There are also wives, trout,
concealed weapons, Republicans and the Lone Ranger.
ISBN: 0971648159
Paperback, 268 pages
Publication date: December 12, 2010
List Price: $17.95
Back cover   
ISBN: 0932986161
Hard cover, large format, 224 pages, illustrated
Publication date: 1981
Continental Heritage Press (American Portrait Series)
List Price: $24.95
Out of print